Apr 18, 2021: Falcons News - last update at Apr 18 12:15 PM ET
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Apr 18, 2021: Falcons Blogs - last update at Apr 18 12:15 PM ET
falcoholic- 2021 NFL Draft scouting report: Florida State CB Asante Samuel Jr
falcoholic- Running down a few proposed NFL rule changes up for voting this week

Feb 06, 2021: Falcons News
espn nfc south- Ex-Jets coach Todd Bowles goes from green to greener pastures with Bucs
espn nfc south- Former New York Giants safety could play key role for Bucs in Super Bowl 2021
Apr 17, 2021: Falcons Blogs
falcoholic- Reviewing the Falcons roster after a late flurry of pre-draft signings

Jan 19, 2021: Falcons News
espn nfc south- Tom Brady's success with Buccaneers sparks mixed reaction in New England
Apr 16, 2021: Falcons Blogs
falcoholic- Falcons film review: RB/KR Cordarrelle Patterson and his offensive potential
falcoholic- Many Falcons players will opt out of 2021 voluntary offseason program
falcoholic- Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Friday, Apr. 16
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